Videoconference: Can ecofemenism save lives?

Videoconference with Yayo Herrero, an anthropologist, social educator and agricultural engineer, organized by the Development and Cooperation Department of the UdL. 

Femenist discussion forum on female health

With Carme Valls Llobet, doctor and gender specialist in Health Sciences and Rosa M. Soler Tatché, UdL professor and director of the Ph.D. School. 

Poverty awareness in academic curricula Conference 2019

Conference with various expert speakers; Arcadi Oliveres, Carolina Martínez, Sixte Garganté, Daniel Raventós, Cristina Fallarás, Yayo Herrero and Louredes Bellería.

Global warming: an existential crisis for humanity

A videoconference with Jorge Riechmann, a moral philosophy professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Madrid, for the Agenda 2030 Conference: A decade for action. 

The 2030 Agenda at the Univeritat de Lleida

Summary of the Sustainable Development Goals-related initiatives and actions partaken by the various units, departments and vice-rectorates at the Universitat de Lleida. 

Poetry reading. Agenda 2030 Conference: a decade for action

Poetry reading by Rosa Fabregat, Núria Mina, Carles M. Sanuy, Akior Santos and Jorge Riechmann, presented by Julian Acebrón

Vision of an unequal world conference 2019

Presentation of this year's conference " Visions of an unequal world: Peace, justice and strong institutions" by Jordi Armadans, David Bondia, Gemma Pinyol and Anna Ayuso.